10 facts you probably didn’t know about Bangladesh!

Welcome to souhardo.com! Get ready to uncover the hidden gems of Bangladesh with our latest blog post. From its fascinating history to its unique cultural quirks, we’re diving deep into the top 10 unknown facts about Bangladesh that will leave you intrigued and enlightened. Let’s explore together!

Top 10 unknown facts about Bangladesh that nobody knows!

Well, Bangladesh is a very diverse country with a lot of unknown facts that most people probably don’t know like Nature, Food, People and so much more. In this Blog, I will provide a list of the 10 most unknown facts about the small yet colorful country of Bangladesh.

People don’t live in the country!

Can you believe that most of the Bangladeshi original population doesn’t live in the Country of Bangladesh? Yes, it’s true, in fact, about 20 Million don’t live in Bangladesh, many live in India, because of jobs, medical attention etc. Middle East and countries like Oman, U.A.E and Kuwait have a lot of Bengali people. People from Bangladesh go in these countries to seek a better lifestyle or opportunity for there families or for themselves. 

Bangladesh doesn’t have the most Royal Bengal Tigers 

Bangladesh is often considered the home for the Royal Bengal Tigers, but yet Bangladesh has fewer than its neighbor India. Yes, India has 2000-3000 Royal Bengal Tigers living in comparison to India, Bangladesh only has 200-350 Royal Bengal Tigers. 

Top 10 unknown facts about Bangladesh

Longest sea beach in the world

The longest sea beach is actually found in Bangladesh! Bangladesh has the longest sea beach at about 120 kilometers in Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh). Cox’s Bazar natural sea beach comes at about 5th longest in the list of all beaches after Praia do Cassino (Brazil).

700+ Rivers are flowing in Bangladesh

Over 700 Rivers flow around in the country of Bangladesh since it has a lot of green and colorful resources. Bangladesh is the hub for boat riding and water. Famous rivers are rivers like Jamuna, Meghna, Padma, Shurma and many more. 

Bangladesh has more Population than Russia

Yes, it’s true Bangladesh has a bigger population than Russia, the biggest country in the world. In comparison, Russia is about 115 times bigger than Bangladesh! Russia has a moderate tho small population, looking at its size has 148-149 Million, on the other hand, Bangladesh has around 169-170 Million People and is the world’s 8th most populated country.

History behind the flag

The Flag may look very simple to countries like Japan or Palau but it has a very deep history behind it. The green stands for its strong Islamic beliefs and for its green nature and landscape. Red in the middle for the death and blood for the independence, but also represents sunrise, resembling the rise of a new country.

Most of your clothes are from Bangladesh!

One of the biggest textile contributor in the industry is Bangladesh, the have a count of around 40 Billion US Dollars in revenue. The countries GDP comes mostly from the Textile industry. 

Bangladesh was Pakistan? 

Not literally Pakistan, but it used to be called Pakistan after the British left India and India gained independence. The countries West Pakistan (now modern Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now modern Bangladesh) used to be one Pakistan. But East Pakistan was treated very poorly and after the independence of Bangladesh, it was declared the second most poor country ever


In conclusion, we can say, that Bangladesh may not be popular, but it is one of the most interesting countries to research and visit in the future. 

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