5 fruits that are breathtakingly healthy!

Almost all fruits are very healthy, but these fruits are beyond healthy! Eat these and only good will happen.

In this blog post, we will let you know the five best fruits that can give you huge vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

5 best fruits

What are the best fruits? In my opinion, these are the best fruits.

  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Grapefruits 
  • Papaya 
  • Blueberry 


 Avocados mostly are tasteless, but avocados have several nutrients, including carotenoids. Fats and potassium is also found in this “tasteless” fruit. Most importantly the fiber found in Avocados, it can potentially reduce the risk of chronic diseases. In conclusion, Avocados are very good and it has the benefit of adding spices or taste since it doesn’t affect anything and making your own creamy snack! 


Bananas are a very sweet yellow long fruit, Banana is nutritious and a very safe option to consume, it also has a great source of potassium, antioxidant and fiber. The fruit just like Avocados decreases the potential risk of chronic diseases.


Fruits like Grapefruit provide high Vitamin C, in fact, a whole Grapefruit is enough for your Vitamin C intake for the entire day. Grapefruits also help, because of the high Vitamin C, which helps your immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases.



Papaya are stated to have high levels of antioxidants and Vitamins like, Vitamin A, C and Vitamin E. Papaya also reduce the risk of heart diseases and the prevention of oxidation of cholesterol. 


Blueberry is considered one of the most healthy and tasty fruits. Tasty because of the sweet taste and healthy because of the highly anticipated Vitamin C and potassium. Blueberries can also reduce the outcome of cancer and heart problems. 


As you already know health is wealth. That’s why maintaining good health is really very important for all. And to maintain good health fruits play a big role. So we will consume fruits regularly to keep up our health in a good position.

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