8 Unknown facts about Germany

Germany is a country located in the central of Europe and is considered as the heart or Europe. Germany can be a very diverse country with many cultures from around the world living in the country. In this article I will share 8 unknown facts about the country of Germany!

German language

The german language, which people think is only spoken in Germany, but that’s not the case. The german language has about 95-100 million speakers and countries like Austria, Switzerland, parts of Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein are german speaking countries. One plus fact is that the german language does contain more letters than 26. It has 29-30, ä,ö and ü and ß, depending on if you consider it or you identity it as a double s.

No speed limit

Most german states/cities do not have a speed limit on the highway. And it doesn’t matter how much you speed, you won’t get a ticket or get fined most of the time if you’re on the highway. 

The german government thus recommends a speed of 120-130 km/h for safety. Since no speed limit can sometimes be very unsafe and frequency of deadly accidents can occur. 

Largest GDP in the EU

Germany has arguably the highest GDP in the European Union and is the richest country in European Union. It’s GDP considers about 4.2 Trillion Dollars. It is so high up in the list and currently ranks at fourth place. Countries like Japan, China, US are above Germany in GDP. 

Berlin is bigger than Paris

The capital of Germany is bigger than the monumental capital of France, Paris. Berlin is about 9 times bigger and has more bridges than the “river” city Venice. Berlin having about 1700 Bridges and Venice with 409 Bridges. 

1000+ sausages 

To be honest how many sausages you know? Well Germany has over 1000 types of sausages! Germans are typical sausage lovers as they consume sausages to times like breakfast and dinner and sometimes even lunch. Germans have a huge love for processed foods like sausages, cheese and like to eat it bread.

Capital changes

The capital of Germany currently is Berlin, before that it has been shifted about seven times. Cities like Bonn, Aachen, Regensburg and many more we’re capitals during territorial expansions, kingdoms etc.

Longest word

Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft, is the longest known word. And can you guess from which language this is? It’s from german language and has 79 letters and considered the longest word. It’s almost like a tongue twister, good luck trying to speak it.

Mercedes taxis

Most of the taxis driven in Germany are produced by the company Mercedes. So when you’re roaming around Germany you’ll see taxi drivers driving a mercedes. Companys like Loster mostly have Mercedes taxis.


In conclusion, Germany is a great to live or explore it is a very safe country with nice people and culture around it. So if you’re trying to make a vacation, Germany might be it! The food might not be it, but food is not everything in a country, it has beautiful sight seeings like over 2,100 castles and more.

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