6 Facts about Little Tuvalu

Well, many people don’t know about small countries, especially not in Oceania and Tuvalu is not even a question. In this article, I will share with you interesting facts about Tuvalu. There are many exciting facts about Tuvalu. But in this article, I will let you know the most mysterious 7 facts about little and remote Tuvalu. Well without any further notice let’s jump right into the article.

Interesting facts about Tuvalu (6+)

In this section, we will let you know Tuvalus’s 7 important facts that can amaze you. So let’s have a look at what are they, as a bullet point.

  • Australian currency
  • No rivers found
  • The null McDonalds
  • Low crime rate
  • No lights in Traffic
  • Footballers in Tuvalu?

Australian currency

Little Tuvalu uses the currency Australian Dollar, even though it’s not part of the Australian government nor is it an oversea territory of Australia.

No rivers found

In Tuvalu, you will not find any rivers and it is one of the countries which do not possess a river. They usually get water from underground and rainwater lenses. It sometimes amazes me how a country so tropical does not have any rivers found in it. 

The null McDonalds

The worldwide famous fast food chain is nowhere to be found in the tiny country of Tuvalu. Tuvalu being so small is one of the few countries that does have any, literally any McDonalds in the country of Tuvalu.

Many factors can resemble this reason, the small population and small locative area make it impossible or very hard to design a Mcdonald’s. Sorry Tuvalians, no McDonalds for you! 

interesting facts about Tuvalu

Low crime rate

Tuvalu being a small country, is tho a land rich in culture and safety. Tuvalu currently does not possess any military, the reasons could be strong connections, low population, and relatively few. Tuvalus people are very friendly as the travelers state during their stay in Tuvalu. 

No lights in Traffic

Despite vehicles found in Tuvalu, there isn’t a single traffic light found in Tuvalu or any atoll of Tuvalu. It’s clear how small Tuvalu is. But I never would know that it is this small to have no traffic lights found in Tuvalu, it’s sometimes shocking how mysterious these small countries in the world are like in the areas of Oceania, North America, and many more areas. 

Footballers in Tuvalu?

The most absurd thing about the little Tuvalu is, that a footballing nation can be found in Tuvalu. By football, I mean soccer, not American football. The back-to-topic, Tuvalu has a national football team that competes tho not in the World Cup, in pacific games is a huge shocker! Small countries sometimes amaze me. 

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If you want to experience remoteness tho amazing people, visit Tuvalu it has the fun you’re looking for! Tuvalu is an amazing country to visit, you should probably look forward to visiting Tuvalu, tho a reminder, little Tuvalu only consists only one Airport and that is the Funafuti International and it is very small. And people often times play on it! So look at this “negative” when visiting Tuvalu. 

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